How To Install A Bath


This article is on how to replace a bath in a bathroom. First remove the existing bath, or hire a plumber to do it for you. To do this, remove the outer panel that may be in front of the bath. Explore around the plug on the bath and use your adjustable pliers to unscrew the joint between the bath and the pipe. Lift out the bath and remove it from the bathroom.

Now prepare the area for the new bath. There is flexi pipe extending from the wall, which makes the replacement of the bath much easier. Now bring the new bath and place it in the bathroom area, ready to fit into the space. Read the instructions supplied by the bath manufacturer on how to install the bath. The instructions will explain how to fit the adjustable legs that come with the bath. If adjustable legs are not supplied, you will need to use treated timber to build a frame in which the bath will sit.

Use a sealant to seal around the bath plug. Keep the plastic wrap in place to protect the bath from any surplus sealant. Add the plug and tighten the screw on the other side that is the underside of the bath. Now add the rubber seal as per the bath installation instructions. Put some rubber glue around the washer, adding the overflow receiver while installing it. Add another rubber washer and finally the nut. Pull back the washers and add a layer of glue around all sides and then tighten up the nut. Do this slowly as excess sealant will leak out. Check on the other side of the bath around the plug to ensure it has been installed correctly. It should be centred and fitting neatly. Now install the bath ensuring it is sitting level on the adjustable legs. Now adjust the legs of the bath using your level.

Find the clamps as supplied and screw them into the wall joining the bath to the wall. There should be three clamps screwed into the wall to ensure the bath will not move and it is well secured. Screw the legs into place so they do not move. Once this is done loosen the screws on the wall slightly so you are able to remove the protective film from the bath.  Use a reliable glue to seal around the edge of the bath. Put the edge of the blue sealant nozzle well down between the gap to ensure there is coverage against the wall. Push the bath back into place and tighten the screws on the wall. Remove any excess glue from around the edge of the bath. Make sure there are no lumps or bumps so when the tiler comes into tile around the bath, there is an even level surface. Add the taps and join them onto the pipes. Hire the best plumbers Tauranga has to offer to recover all the damage you have done from your terrible work.

An important tip is during each stage of the process when installing the bath is to check the level of the bath across all angles. This may take time so allow enough to ensure the checking process. Use the bath installation instructions to add the front panel of the bath.


How To Get Fit And Stay Fit


Attractive women give men motivation to exercise

Everybody understands that fitness is a desirable thing to have, and they presume that when they are fit life will be great. This is indeed correct, but the trouble 95% of people have is how to get fit. Getting fit can be a real problem if you are unaccustomed to hard physical work and if you have no idea what constitutes training that is suitable for getting fit.

The Golden Rule if you’re just starting out or if you are trying to get fit after a long layoff is to take things slowly at first. It is very tempting for newbies to head out on a run or a long bike ride and hammer it just to prove themselves capable. The downside of this is that they will fatigue very quickly and have very sore muscles from lactate build up etc for a few days after the initial training experience. This can kill the enthusiasm of most people.

The best way to get fit is to start out slowly on the gentle run or bike ride over an enjoyable and scenic route. This can simply mean running or riding where there are others also running or riding, and the scenery might be simply attractive members of the opposite sex. Many casual make runners in Wellington during the nineteen eighties and nineties, for example, turned into keen and regular runners simply because of rumors of topless women sunbathing at one of the bays in Wellington. One keen runner’s running career nearly ended as soon as it began because he ran head first into a power pole while ogling topless women sunbathing at Balena Bay. ¬†Speaking of ogling, watch this video on staying fit:

Video: How I Stay Fit


The “start slow and enjoyable” technique is a reliable way to get fitter and fitter, particularly if it gets somewhat addictive! If this happens then running or biking becomes a habit (and a very good one at that). Ideally one would also try to run or bike regularly with others, as this is a great way to make new friends and a great motivation for training just that little bit harder. It’s also useful for exchanging war stories about past injuries and past events and competitions.

A nice side benefit of running or biking or swimming regularly with others is that the others all tend to be fit and energetic and happy and fun to be with. In many cases, they are also attractive, which may, of course, be an added motivation for some.